Spring at the Cabin

I'm afraid that I haven't been very consistant with my writing these past few weeks. Spring has finally come to the mountains and we have been so busy getting ready for the coming season. The lawncare aspect of honey's business is getting ready to kick into full gear and there is still some fine-tuning that we are still doing to get him and the equipment ready. The trees are all leafing out and the grass is beginning to grow like crazy right now. It is SO beautiful! We had our first spring rain yesterday (one that didn't consist of ice & snow) and the smell was terrific! It's like all the senses come alive at this point and it's almost too much to take in at one time. It's hard to believe that just a month ago the trees were all bare and we were buried under 2 foot of snow.
Now that the mountain man is about on track, my attention is turning to gardening. I guess I've got a farmer's heart ... I get excited about planting the seeds and the wonderful harvest that follows a season of hard work. Already I'm looking forward to canning the vegtables and filling the cabnets. I've discovered that for me, planting seeds is an exercise in hope. And I've got a room full of hope downstairs ready to go in the ground!
With that in mind, I'd better go chase down honey and get him to till up the gardens before he gets busy somewhere else.

Enjoy the beauty that God has surrounded you with, and may the Lord bless you.