Winter In New England

Despite what the calendar shows, winter has arrived in New England. We got our first real snow last night. It only amounted to about two inches here at the cabin, and I suspect there wasn't much to talk about down in town; but you can feel the change in the air. (Last year, winter started the night before Thanksgiving.) So, I guess I can't fight it any longer. I've determined that I'm just going to accept the inevitable and try to embrace the beauty of the season. So, while I was processing some old images, I found these. How about a winter tour through New England from years past until we get enough snow on the ground to pass along pictures of this year? Right now, it's raining slush and isn't very pretty. Again, my tour guide took me to places that aren't well known by the average tourist. These images were taken up around Waitsville, Vt. We were way up in the mountains and as you can see, there was still alot more mountain top above us. In the winter, the beautiful colors of fall fade to black & white. If it weren't for the cold, I'd admit that winter is truly amazing in the North East. The trees literally get coated in heavy ice and don't even look real. What surprise me the most about snow is that it glistens ~ almost like God sprinkled it with glitter. The beauty in all the seasons all across the country only enforces in my mind just how much God blesses us. The change & diversity He incorporated into this world is truly amazing. The winters in the Rocky's are vastly different from the winters here. The plains in West Texas are as unique to themselves as the vastness of New Mexico. I can't help but wonder ~ if God has given us this much beauty and diversity here, my mind can't even image how much more abundant it will be in heaven. God is sooo good!

May the Lord bless you.

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