Re: Lesbians, condoms go wild in attack on Christian church

Concerning the previous post: After the initial shock wore off, I started thinking about the incident and was praying about it. Here are a few thoughts that came to me:

Where I come from, the first reaction to this blasphemous behavior would be to usher them out of the building ... via doors, windows, etc.. God should never be mocked in His house of prayer. I could understand that type of reaction. But, here's another thought on the matter for you to consider ~ The devil uses his evil influence to control these folks. He convinces them that they can disrupt & bully the people of God into getting what they want. Now, let's look at the fact that what satan means for bad, God can use for His glory. With that in mind, these folks who have been lied to by satan and have been a slave to their sinful behavior have made it to church. You now have a captive audience! Satan brought the lost sheep right to you! Something inside of my "full-Gospel" spirit is hollering: "OH YEA! Time to start praying over these folks!" Picture if you will a full-scale, old-time Gospel meeting with voices raised to the God in heaven in prayer for some wayward sheep. I get excited just thinking about it. You know, there was a reporter there to "catch" the church members getting physical with these folks. Trying to trap the "awful" Christians in being un-Christian-like. What do you suppose they would report when they witnessed the power of God move? Makes you think, doesn't it?

I know in my spirit that this is only the beginning. We need to be prepared for what's coming next. But, I'm not talking about recruiting more church bouncers. I'm talking about being prayed up and so full of the Holy Spirit that when situations arise, God will have His man/woman in the right place at the right time to glorify Him.

May the Lord bless you.

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