Writing Professionally

If I ever wrote professionally, I'd want to write obituaries for the newspaper. I know this sounds morbid & a bit odd. But, I've given this alot of thought.

First: that's the first thing alot of people read when they get their morning paper. I would have the satisfaction of knowing that my writing was more popular than the folks who write the front page headlines.

Second: The person I'd write about couldn't criticize me if I got something wrong. Family members on the other hand could become a little challenging.

Third: Most people who write choose to do so because they want to leave a mark on the world around them. Call it vanity or just a deep-seated desire to leave the world a bit better than they found it. What better way to do so than to leave the grieving family with good memories of their loved one?

Finally, and most importantly: As I get older, I am becoming more aware of the inevitability of death. The Bible tells us that as we are born, we will also die. That's just a fact of life. Death itself doesn't scare me or "creep me out" as some would say. Our soul is simply moving from one world to the next. But, as with writers, almost everyone wants to leave their little mark on the world. They want to know that their life mattered. Was he a good husband? Was she adored by her children? How about that "Just ask me about my grandbabies" bumper sticker on their car?

It doesn't seem right that only the rich and famous get memorials. The everyday man & woman leave wonderful contributions to the world as well. My dear cousin died last week. She was a stink-pot in almost every meaning of the word. But she was fun & so full of life! Her laugh was contagious and she always had a "girl, let me tell you..." story. Did she make mistakes? Oh yea, plenty. Was she loved in spite of them? You betcha!

On second thought, I think we might reconsider obituaries all together. Why should good things be said about people only after they pass on? Why shouldn't we write their tribute today ~ while they are still with us? That way they would know that they made a difference. I'm not sure the newspapers would be interested in that concept, but I know I would be.

Have a wonderful day, and may the Lord bless you.

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