Today is our anniversary. Nine wonderful years. Before I get all gushy, let me tell you about last night. As I've mentioned previously, Honey had been out fighting snow storms for about the past five days or so. Last night was going to be the first real sit-down meal I've been able to cook for him since the storms began.
As a special meal, I wanted to make roasted turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, stuffing ... the whole nine yards. As most cooks know, a meal like this requires planning and considerable prep time.

Yesterday morning, I started digging though my collection of cookbooks to find a recipe for giblet gravy, (Mama wasn't home to ask), and discovered that the only thing these books didn't cover was giblet gravy. I was determined. This meal was going to be special. Honey requested turkey gravy specifically. I hunted online. For the cooks out there ~ Allrecipes.com has just about everything. After some digging, I found a recipe that was very similar to what Mama and Aunt Nig make and I was so proud! I've never made giblet gravy before, but the recipe looked like something I could do.

Starting early, I got the food going and was reading & re-reading the gravy recipe to make sure I did it just right. Honey comes home early and goes to the computer while I finish supper. Finally, everything is ready and I called him into the kitchen to fill his plate. Let me tell you, a full turkey meal is work, so I was feeling just a little bit proud of myself. He started filling his plate and looks into the gravy pan, (we live real simple around here), gets an odd look on his face and says, "What's that?" I tell him it's gravy. I mean, it should have been obvious, it looked like giblet gravy to me. "Gravy? What's that in it?" he asked. I explain ... giblets, egg, etc.. His face twists up and then I knew ~

You know, the differences between North & South are never as pronounced as they are in the kitchen. Come to find out, giblet gravy is not something one eats on turkey. Actually, as far as he's concerned, that's not something one eats at any time. This Southern girl didn't know there was any other gravy for turkey. I was raised with the clear understanding that there is white gravy for chicken-fried steak, brown gravy for roast, and giblet gravy for turkey. That's gravy basics. I was talking to Honey's Mom earlier today and told her about last night. She was horrified that anyone would put eggs in gravy.

Isn't it funny the things we just assume. Sometimes it doesn't occur to me that other folks have different ways of doing things ~ and of thinking. I guess each of us have our own type of logic, mostly because of the way we were raised and the culture we come out of. Alot of folks seem to take God for granted. He's there waiting for them when they get to church on Sunday morning, and they hope He will be there if they get in a pinch; but they would really like it if He just kept His distance the rest of the time.

In the past nine years, the one thing that Honey and I will agree on completely is that we need God in our lives, and in our marriage ~ every day. It's awful hard out there for married couples. It's like the world attacks us on a regular basis. Without God, the trials & temptations would be too much. I am so very blessed to be married to a man who loves God and tries hard to walk with Him on a daily basis. My cup of blessings is overflowing; and yes, he got his turkey gravy.

May the Lord bless you.

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