Christmas gift?

"Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, before you were born, I set you apart;..." Jeremiah 1:5

There is nothing more precious than a child. If you've ever witnessed the birth of a baby, you experienced one of God's greatest miracles. The innocence and wonder of a child is gift to those of us who have taken life's blessings for granted & have stopped seeing the beauty in the world around us.

Have you heard the latest in "gift giving" this Christmas? Planned Parenthood in Indiana now has gift certificates that you can give to that 'someone special' this holiday season. If you're not familiar with the Planned Parenthood organization, they lead the pack in abortion mills. As a matter of fact, they work hand-in-hand with our public schools to assist unwed teen mothers in dealing with those 'pesky accidents' that happen to occur. I found this website as I was following up an article a few days ago. Can you honestly look at these beautiful children and not get sick to your stomach at the thought of "gift certificates" to Planned Parenthood? Is this not a slap in God's face? As we celebrate the birth of our Lord, they are encouraging folks to give the gift of death.

I realize not everyone follows the news like I do; that's why I feel like I need to pass this on. This isn't the warm feelings that I like to leave with friends and family; but sometimes we have to go outside the cabin walls and look at what's going on around us.

Also, please check out the new devotional at Sojourner2Heaven: Culture of Death. It is so powerful!

May the Lord bless you, and may He have mercy on this nation.

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