Our Tax Dollars at Work???

Just when I think we've seen the worst that's yet to come ~ it keeps coming at us. I received a news alert today that may interest you. "Obama Planning Billion-dollar 'bailout' for Abortion Industry". Our taxes are already going up to bail out the financial institutions and possibly even the auto industry, but do we want a percentage of every tax dollar that comes out of our paycheck to go to support the murdering of babies? If we don't start making some noise right now ... it's going to be too late.

I realize not everyone wants to hear about the latest breaking news that I come across. I really do keep my news posts to a minimum. It's just so hard to hear about everything and not pass it on. So, I've been thinking lately of starting a news site. That way, those who are interested can chase the craziness with me. Mountain home will still be my first love. This is home. This is where the really important things happen. But sometimes we need to stick our heads out the front door and see what's going on around the community. If there ever was a time that demanded intense prayer ... this is it. And after we get off our knees, we need to get a hold of our Senators and start making some noise. I hope you will have better luck than me. Our Senator is Patrick Leahy.

May the Lord bless you.

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