Row vs. Wade Anniversary

Today is the anniversary of Row vs. Wade. There is something in my spirit that is burning so badly that I have to share it. I know that I seem to be a broken record lately, but please bear with me and I'll explain.

In almost 47 years, I've met a lot of people in my travels. Many years ago, I had a friend who became pregnant due to an affair. We were very close and I was privy to her inner thoughts as she determined what to do next. I want to take this time to be very clear that I am not breaking her confidence. I won't in any way reveal her identity. She spent a considerable amount of time in torment & agony over her situation. We talked frequently about her choices. I begged her repeatedly to have the child and give it to me. (My kids tease me about the number of kids I have unofficially adopted over the years. I figured that one more child would fit into our nest just fine.) She eventually told me that the only option she could see was to have an abortion. I cried and begged her again. By that time, I had already begun planning how to restructure our home and my hectic life to accommodate a new baby. I craved that baby so badly. The reason for her choice was that she worked with the 'father' and didn't want him to know she was pregnant.

Ultimately, she had the abortion. Afterward, she sat beside me and I visibly watched something inside her die. After a long silence, she quietly said, "they told me it was a boy". Over time, I watched my friend become as hard as stone. I eventually lost touch with her. I still think about and pray for her often. The boy would have been about 14 now.

Did she know that she murdered her baby? I suspect she did. Did she know that his little body was torn apart piece by piece before he died? I don't know, but I suspect she did. Did she know that Jesus loves her and was willing to forgive her? I did everything in my power to make sure of it.

Abortion isn't just about the murder of a baby. Abortion kills something inside of the woman, (and the man). As much as I hate the sin, my heart goes out to these women (and men) who have bought into the lie that a fetus is just a blob of stuff and isn't a real baby. Just as Adam & Eve hid from God when they sinned, these folks tend to build a wall up between themselves & God. I suspect that they use it to try to hide behind. We can't hide from God.

If you have had an abortion, God loves you so very much and wants to forgive you. You only need to go to Him and confess your sins and ask Jesus into your heart to be your Savor & Lord. Once you do, He is faithful to forgive you; and He wants you to have peace in your spirit. God also wants you to know that in His love, there's joy. That baby's spirit went straight to the arms of God. One day, yours can too.

If you know of someone who has gone through this terrible ordeal, put your arms around them and tell them how much God loves them. He waits with eager anticipation for them to call out to Him. He wants so badly to forgive and build a loving relationship with them.

I wasn't able to reach my friend. I pray for her often that someone somewhere can convince her that God loves her and wants to wrap His arms around her. I can't and won't sit silently by watching others go down that very same dark & painful path. For those who are spreading this lie ~ God knows your heart as well. And He loves you too. You can also reach out to God for forgiveness, Salvation, and peace.

I'm available to talk any time. Email me at: leeanndennis62@yahoo.com and simply write Mountain Home in the subject line. God loves you so much.

May the Lord bless you.

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