It has been a difficult time here at the cabin. Honey is still sick and after three trips to the doctor, I think he just may be on the mend. It's just going to take awhile.

During this time, I've been going through some challenges of my own. Have you ever felt like you're hitting brick walls at every turn? After a few days of this, I finally just stopped and turned to God. I vented all of my frustrations to Him and asked Him to help. I learned that I was so busy being busy that I had been neglecting my time with Him. In recapturing this time with the Lord, I feel that He wants to take me to a new place in my walk with Him. He showed me how neglectful I had been in my studies, and to pursue this new path I need to focus on Him even more. He showed me ways that I can increase my service to Him. As I stood out on the back porch listening to the wind & watching the tops of the enormous trees sway, I said yes.

Isn't it funny how we plan our paths and choose our futures, only to find that God has other plans? I am learning slowly that if I follow God's path, my life works. This doesn't mean that there aren't still going to be struggles. Sometimes the struggles & frustrations increase. It's almost like the devil is throwing every stumbling block he can find at me.

Our service for the Lord is kinda like a football game ~ the fella with the ball has one objective, take that ball to the end zone. But to do this, he has to face the biggest & sometimes the meanest obstacles. He pushes his way past one and look up to find two more taking it's place. The victory is won one yard at a time ~ one struggle at a time. He gets knocked down and has to start the process all over again. Sometimes the obstacles face him head-on, sometimes they blindside him, and sometimes there are so many at one time, I'm sure he just wants to lay down and quit. But, with determination victory is indeed won. Right now, I feel like I'm on the enemy's 20 yard line and the path to victory looks awful long. But, with the Lord's guidance and help ... victory lays ahead.

Please keep us in your prayers. With the Lord's help, these obstacles can be overcome and we can move another yard toward the goal and toward victory.

Have a good night and may the Lord bless you.

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