Time to start catchin' up

After a busy weekend, things are slowly getting back to normal here at the cabin. Honey is back on his feet and trying to get caught up. He lost about three weeks due to illness. It's good to see him on the go again. He's hoping to get recalled to work around the first of May. We're both ready for him to get back out into the working world. We've stretched that ol' budget almost to the breaking point by now and until we are able to become a little more self-sufficient, working outside the home is a must.

I've got plants started downstairs ... tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, & cucumbers so far. Everything is off to a good start. The wind has been really strong and unmercifully cold lately. It'll be Memorial day before garden plants go outdoors to stay. The growing season is so short here that when I don't start them inside, they don't even begin to get ready to bear fruit until the first fall frost is here. Each day, I'm one day closer.

Side Note: The latest post on page 2 (Just Looking Around) may interest you today.

Tomorrow is going to come early, so have a good night and
May the Lord bless you.

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