Getting Out Of The Comfort Zone

What a beautiful day here at the cabin. The sun is shinning bright & we’ve got a brisk breeze blowing. It’s a perfect day to hang a load of towels out on the line. I can hear them whipping in the wind through the open window.

While I was working in the kitchen, I plugged in a Statler Brother’s DVD that came in the mail yesterday. It was the recording of their farewell concert. As I mixed the bread and set it aside to rise, so many wonderful memories came alive with each song they sung. I grew up with the Statler Brothers music. As a teenager I would be listening to tunes like “Flowers on the Wall” and “Do you remember these” while my friends were playing the air guitar to AC/DC and Pink Floyd. (What a contrast!) In some areas of my life I was meant to have lived well before my time; but in other ways, I can be as hip as anyone.

My kids have done it again. They have drug me kicking and fussing into the 21st Century. Blogging I found on my own. In searching out people who share my interest in homesteading and who could teach me the skills I want to know, I discovered a world of folks who have educated me, inspired me, and encouraged me. I laugh when I hear people comment that online people aren’t “real” friends. Tell that to my husband ~ that’s how we met.

A few years back, my daughter nudged me into joining facebook. She wanted me to see all the neat stuff she had found. I did. I soon discovered that I stood out like a sore thumb. I was about the only one I saw that was over the age of 25 and/or not looking for some romance of sorts. I signed up like she wanted, but rarely checked in, (actually even forgot my screen name & password). A few months back I found it and lo & behold ~ the sight was full of old folks like me! I found classmates, childhood friends, and my Mama & my aunt. I also found that the young people had all but abandoned it.

Now I’ve joined yet another new world; the world of “myspace”. Don’t look at me, it’s my kids’ fault. They kept talking about all the things they would post that I couldn’t see unless I was a member. Now let me ask you, what is the fastest way to get a Mama to go outside her comfort zone? Tell her that you’ve got wedding pictures and the only way to see them is to sign up for myspace. My kids know me pretty good But I didn’t want to venture into this new world alone, (after all I’m a woman), I drug my own Mama along. We’re probably the oldest members that aren’t looking for a partner or aren’t selling something.

Once I signed up and got comfortable, I started looking around at all the Godlessness around me. My first thought was to just let it go by the wayside, but then this little voice started nudging me ... why not claim my little place in that world for the Lord? There are a lot of lost & hurting young folks out there trying to find out who they are by merely choosing pre-made designs, graphics, and pictures to put on display. They are trying to stand out in a virtual world of others trying to stand out. Some pages are sweet and others are scary. For the most part, so many just seem adrift in a sea of uncertainty.

When I started blogging, I first had to determine my purpose for writing. Then I looked at all the options available. There are a few Christian blog domains that offer safety in the Christian masses. Then there’s blogspot. For one, it’s very user friendly, but if you notice the little bar across the top where you can click to randomly visit blogs from around the world. I wouldn’t encourage you to do that. The last time I did, the blog right after mine that day was full of very X-rated material. But, that’s why I chose this avenue to take. When folks are frustrated with life & browsing for less than appropriate entertainment ~ here I am. To someone looking for risqué material, I’m a cold splash of water. But with the Holy Spirit’s guidance, I pray that Mountain Home will always be a refuge from the worldly temptations and a nudge back toward home, family, and most importantly God. In the myspace world, I want to shine God’s light into a really dark place and maybe, just maybe, show 1 person the way out of the darkness and back toward home. You know my Mama and I often talk & wonder about why God has us where we are, and what purpose He may have for us in such trying times. I’ve decided that I can’t do much; but years ago, I told the Lord “Here am I, send me”. And it’s been a wild ride ever since.

I know I shouldn’t do this, but I’m going to anyway … I dare you to tell the Lord “here am I, send me” and mean it. Your walk with Christ will never be the same, not to mention the excitement & blessings that will fill your life!

Have a great day, and may the Lord bless you.

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