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It's another beautiful day here at the cabin. The windows are open and the sounds of Spring are everywhere. Praise God for Spring time! This weekend I'm hoping to slip a "honey-do" list to Honey and see if we can't get some things done around here. The yard really could use some attention.

Years ago, before Honey & I got married, I worked with the youth in Ballinger, Texas. We had about 25 very active and fun kids who showed up on Friday nights. The pastor’s Mama owned a little house that she would loan to us for our youth meetings. When the kids all showed up, God met us there.

For a season, several of the kids became very close. Without identifying anyone specifically, we dealt with everything teens face in our world today. One time that comes to mind is when one of the young ladies had to be hospitalized. One of the girls came running across town to tell me. By the time I could get to the local hospital, almost a dozen of the teens were there. I walked into the lobby and I almost cried when I saw these young men kneeling on the floor of that lobby in earnest prayer for their sister. Did I mention that our youth group was made up entirely of street kids? Most of them had never been inside a church before. Working with these wonderful young folks was an adventure of a lifetime for me. They were my blessing in very troubled times.

As time went on, everyone is grown now and has drifted off to pursue different paths in life. I talked with Matthew, my youngest son, the other day. He was catching me up on some of the kids in our old group. He writes a blog on MySpace, and the other day had a heavy burden to talk about. With his permission, I want to share that post with you. His readers are other young folks. Please keep in mind that I edited it a little, but much like his Mama, he writes like he talks.

June 4, 2009 - Thursday
John 17:14
Current mood: blessed
My heart has been burdened and it rips me apart sometimes. In my last post I made mention I have been around a lot and that I have made and lost friends because I moved so much. But now I am burdened cause I looked up some friends on myspace and they do have profiles that broke my heart. The once "on fire" Christ following, God praising, devil thrashing Christians I grew up with have abandoned God, or it would seem. I write them and of course they don’t remember me; but I want to encourage them so badly because they have allowed that cricket of a devil to talk them into a hole. Doesn’t anyone know that the way to Heaven is Narrow and the path to destruction is broad, and the flow is strong? But to be a follower of Christ always means you will have resistance. You will find more people hate you and everything you do will make no sense to the world. Because Jesus says, “I have given them thy word; and the world hath hated them, because they are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.” (John 17:14)

How can I plead with you that walking in the world leads to destruction? How can I show you that going with the flow will cause you more pain and more suffering; you can not bear your own burdens without falling down? That is why Jesus said "My yoke is light". You give your burdens to Him, and He will carry them for you. Do you not know that Christ didn’t come just to set us free but to also give us an ABUNDANT life? A normal person’s life is crazy; but a life in Christ there is a method to the chaos. When life goes tilt, you have a King that has riches, a Shepherd to keep you from being lost, a Physician to keep you whole, a Friend for you to share with, a Father to be your support, a Husband to protect you, Alpha Omega He knows your past and He sees your future He knows all your junk and still LOVES you. He is everything you will ever need or want. Why fall away? What can this world of sin offer you that Jesus can’t do better? Sin is nothing more then a quick joy, but always fleeting. You enjoy it for a moment then it leaves, and you enjoy it long enough, you realize that it is leaving more problems than fixing any of them.

Stay in God, and the problems will belong to God. God is much more than a kill joy. He is so much more then a rule book. Do you not know his rules or commandments are in place to protect you? Did you know if you killed a person, someone will seek your life? Did you know that if you lied, and someone found out, they will seek revenge or not trust you? Did you know that if you worship another god that Abba Father will reject you? Did you know that when you covet (lust) after another man's wife then the husband will beat you down? Did you know that when you don’t love one another then you leave room in your heart to hate?

Stop looking at the rules and look at the benefits. The Benefit I love the most is GOD IS MY FRIEND.

I pray for everyone to read this and understand,

Dear friends find your passion for God and reach out. Time is so short and harvest time is here. It’s really very simple. There is a multitude of avenues on the internet to connect to others, and if that isn’t something you are comfortable with, just open your mouth and speak up.

Have a good night and may the Lord bless you.

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