Grammy Justice

It’s nice to be back in the land of the living. These cold fronts come through and knock me to my knees. In the winter, I watch the weather to get an idea of how to pre-plan meals and chores. But, like everyone knows … you really can’t predict the weather. Some days, I feel a lot like a broken yo-yo. But for right now, I praise God for a clear-headed, productive day.

I got a phone call a few days ago from my eldest son. I should have known that something was up when the first words out of his mouth was, “Mom, are you sitting down?” Well folks, I’m going to be a grandma. At first I was just stunned. (like my mama was when I broke the news to her back so many years ago) News like that brings so many thoughts to mind. The child I gave birth to almost 29 years ago is now going to be a Daddy. He’s going to look down and see the tiny person in his arms that is part of him, yet a completely unique individual. The moment of conception, the Lord spoke this child’s name. He or she at this very moment is being formed in the image of his or her Creator. Pretty heady stuff when you think about it. Despite the circumstances, I’m getting really excited. My future daughter-in-law has a little boy that I’ve heard so much about. I’m looking forward to meeting my future grandson and in a few short months … my new grand baby.

When I think of the future, I can’t help but look to the past. Remember when you were a child and felt that your parents’ rules were so restrictive & unfair. How many times did you utter the words ‘why?’ ‘That’s not fair!’ and ‘you don’t trust me!’. Bring back memories? Did you ever declare that when you have kids, you would be different? For me, it was the words “Because I said so”. I hated that phrase with a passion! I swore that when I have kids, I would never use those words! Years rolled on and I found that in times of total chaos and frustration, “because I said so” are the only words that comes to mind when my children were out of control and insisting on a reason for my rules. This particular son chaffed when he felt that the rules were too restrictive. The mother in me smiles at the thought that finally, he is going to be the ‘bad guy’ – the one that will have to make rules designed to protect the children and maintain peace in the home. He will have to stand firm as his children accuse him of being the ‘meanie’. I guess justice does come to those who wait. I’m just sorry that I didn’t pay closer attention to Mama when she was spoiling my children. As with everything else, I could have learned so much about being the fairy godmother. When my kids were little, Grandma was Santa Clause, the Easter bunny, and the tooth fairy all rolled up into a fun woman who made awesome cookies and let everyone stay up late at night.

Parenthood is truly the hardest job you’ll ever love. And after all these year, I’m continuing to reap the wonderful rewards of having some pretty awesome kiddos. Do you still have children at home? First chance you get, reach out and give them a great big hug. Smile to yourself knowing that one day, if the Lord tarries, justice will eventually come.

Isn’t there a bumper sticker somewhere that says, “Grandkids are God’s reward to you for letting the children live”?

Have a great day and may the Lord bless you.

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