Rough Few Days

Fresh baked bread on the counter cooling, my third batch of apples in the slow cooker to be made into apple butter tomorrow, and all is right with the world … well almost.

Do you get the feeling some days that it’s just going to be one of those life times? I had a tooth pulled almost two weeks ago. The aftermath of the ordeal is still giving me grief. For future reference, NEVER have a tooth pulled before a major holiday, such as Thanksgiving. By the time I realized there was going to be a problem, the holiday weekend had started and the dentist office was closed. Dry socket is difficult in the short-term, but over a four day weekend, it gets to be a little much. Excederine Migraine medicine is truly one of the best drugs on the market today. Without it, I don’t know how I could have coped.

To make a long story short, Monday the dentist packed the hole, and the day was spent waiting for the pain to ease. Tuesday I was starting to come back into it. I processed some apple butter and made the first real supper in many days. As we sat down to eat, the packing came out. Back to the dentist on Wednesday … same long day. By this morning, I was coming back into it again. While I was waiting to put the bread in the oven and start carving up more apples, I noticed that the packing in my mouth was acting like it was trying to come out again. Now the tooth that originally occupied that hole had been irritating me off and on for quite a while now. But if I had known that taking it out was going to turn into such an ordeal, I would have kept it.

Suffice to say I’m cutting this very short tonight and I covet your prayers. I should be back up and going again soon. But until then, have a wonderful night and may the Lord bless you.

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