Feb. Snowstorm pt 1

We are back from the dark ages. And the down time has left me with a lot of thoughts to share. But unfortunately, after writing for hours, the post isn't done, but I am. I'll try to get it all together by the end of the weekend. Until then, I want to share some of the pictures we took during this last storm. The last total we had was about 16 inches during the origional storm with another 4-5 yesterday. This wasn't anywhere close to being a major storm here, but it was eventful to say the least.

I often talk about the mountain behind the house. A couple of these are shooting toward the mountain. The snow is very deceptive and doesn't show just how steep the ground truly is. The stairs at my back door are also buried in snow and show just how tricky it would be to come & go that way.

I have always maintained that snow is the prettiest in pictures and on postcards. This snow was probably the prettiest one I have seen since I've been here. Maybe, just maybe, God has been working on my ungrateful spirit and is showing me that there is beauty in all things created by Him.

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