Moving Day

Today starts the beginning of another chapter in our lives. Today is moving day for our daughter. Two jobs, seven days a week, and the economy was a bit much for her at this time. With much discussion, we’ve decided to circle the wagons for a spell and see what our family’s options are. It’ll be an adjustment for her to be back home. She’s been out of the house for about two years now. She left when she wasn’t much older than a child, and now she’s coming back a young lady. We can’t just slide back into the parent/teenager roles of the past. That will be a challenge for Honey & I … in turn, she will discover that us old folks haven’t been sitting stagnant in the pool either. We’ve changed, grown, and our quirks aren’t quite the same as when she left. She has to see us in a new light too.

I guess we don’t always stop to see our personal changes very often. The changes are rarely overnight. That may explain why the people who raised me aren’t the same people I know today. I’ve loved the changes they have gone through as they’ve gotten older; and I love the way our relationships have changed as well. I talked with my youngest son today for quite a while and I guess this “change” thing was on my mind, because I really listened to his thoughts and ideas. I take joy in the man he has grown up to be. Just like I am enjoying the ever-evolving relationships with all the kids. I feel pretty sure that the adjustments of Meja’s returning home will have it’s share of trials … it will also have it’s rewards. I look forward to rediscovering the woman that she is becoming.

Well the moving crew should be here any minute. I’d better get things moved around to accommodate her and her new kitten. Have a great day & may the Lord bless you!

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