Blizzard's Coming

Yesterday was spent in preparing for the coming snow storm. Depending on which weather forecast we listen to ... we should get anywhere from 1-3ft. of snow by Thursday morning. That's a lot of snow, even for the old-timers around here. All of the grocery stores were packed with folks stocking up in case they become house-bound for awhile. My mountain man checked his truck and plow equipment so he'll be ready to roll as soon as the snow gets to six inches. Then he ate an early supper and slipped off to bed. There's a good chance that he'll be working non-stop until sometime Thursday. (He enjoys his work or else this could be really miserable for all of us.)Everyone else around here will work diligently to keep the snow shoveled off the roof & sheds, and keeping the paths cleared. Everyone has a job to do when the weather turns bad. In a few hours the kitchen will be in full swing with beef stew in the crock pot, chili on the stove, and rolls in the oven for the tired & frozen workers when they wander through.
The weather often dictates the craziness around here sometimes, but after the storm passes there will be a time for rest. My mountain man will be out in the workshop with the smell of the wood stove, a mug of hot coffee, and his guitar snuggled in his lap playing praises to God. More than likely, I'll be right there with him listening and thanking God for blessing me with such a wonderful man.

May the Lord bless you.

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