Winter Muses

Even though the snow has just begun for the season, winter will turn into spring before too much longer. I'm not a fan of winter, so I'm excited about the coming season. My desk is covered with seed catalogs and I am busy planning the gardens. Anticipating spring is my favorite part of winter.
It dawned on me today that the projects I had planned for this winter aren't anywhere near complete. Some of them haven't even been started yet. Spring, summer, and fall are busy seasons here at the cabin and I spend most of my time outside. I'd better get busy on the indoor projects or they will have to wait yet another year. I have discovered that the older I get the faster time slips away.
Over the years I have gone from a type A personality to a type B personality. I make all the plans & goals of a type A person ... but eventually push them aside and just concentrate on the day at hand. I've found that the most important things in my life aren't goals that have been met ... instead they are my relationship with my Heavenly Father & my family. What fun it is to spend the afternoon talking about anything and everything with my son who is 2,000 miles away, or listening to my daughter plan for her future, or laughing with my youngest son over crazy things that happen. When my husband needs to talk, my world stops. That's the way my life as a wife and mama should be. That's what brings me contentment & joy. There will always be time later to work on the "important" things on my lists.
Everyone has to find what God called them to do in life, my calling is exactly what I'm doing right now ... and I love it. Praise God!

May the Lord bless you as you follow your own calling in life, and may He give you peace & joy each and every day.

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