It's been busy here at the cabin the past few days. The snowstorm last week dropped almost a foot of snow & it takes awhile to dig our way out. When the snow comes, everyone has work to do ~ cleaning off sheds, shoveling paths, and digging out firewood. The Mountain Man's workshop is heated exclusively by a wood furnace. I like the wood heat, it just feels so much warmer than fuel or electric heat. In the coldest part of winter, his shop would be 80-90 degrees and the house generally stays at about 65-70 to conserve fuel.
There is a saying among the folks here ... "wood will heat you twice." (once in the gathering of it, and then in the burning of it). Today was the day to gather wood. During the fall, we weren't able to complete the woodshed that we had planned, so the wood ended up getting stacked in various places around the house. Over the course of winter we would clear out one stack after another until either it's all gone or until spring gets here. The system works pretty good until the stacks become buried in snow & ice and then the work really begins. My son got the unfortunate task of uncovering the stack & helping honey load it on the trailer as honey split it. Then after it was unloaded in the shop, my daughter & I stacked it in the furnace room to thaw out & dry. Our dog Bear did his part to help by keeping us laughing as we worked, and our other dog Major Payne held down the fort and kept intruders from sneaking in the house and bouncing on my son's bed. (Major has gotten so old that his main objective in life is to guard the bed in the winter and the porch in the summer.) What a life.
With the weather predicted to go back down in the negative numbers again for the next few days, all I can say is "PRAISE GOD FOR FIREWOOD!"

May the Lord bless you.

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