Back at the Cabin

After a long absence, I'm back. As most know, my Dad had some medical problems that took him right to death's door several times. The good Lord showed mercy and kept him with us for a while longer. My time in Texas with him, my Mom and the rest of my family was very special. Thank you all for being really wonderful.
Honey came down to pick me up in a mini-compact car and I have never in my life missed my old beat-up pickup so much! The trip home was hard & fast. We spent the first night in Little Rock,AR and had a chance to check the weather. The weather up here was turning nasty quicker than we expected and we didn't have the planned 4 days to ease home. The next morning I woke up in a rest area in Southern Virginia. Honey had driven all night and stopped there for a couple of hours shut-eye. By then the air had turned very chilly and it became a race to beat the cold front to Vermont. As we crossed into Vermont from New York, we were met with snow everywhere and COLD! (The cold front won.) We were several hours too late and the closer we got to our little meadow in the mountains, the more difficult the roads became. It's hard to describe how much fun it is to travel up & down steep roads that are covered with ice. The rides at Six Flags don't even compare. It comes in really handy that my Mountain Man plows snow and often has to travel on icy roads in the winter. He handled that little two-wheel drive car like a pro. That's where our team work really comes together. He drives and I pray. So the night before Thanksgiving, we skidded up our driveway a day ahead of schedule and too late to prepare for the storm that had already passed through.
Thanksgiving Day was truly that ... Daddy's & Mama's continued good health was on the top of my reasons to give thanks. I am so very blessed to be given such wonderful parents and such special friends.
Honey & I spent the day at the cabin recuperating. Meja & her cousin made a great breakfast for us and my dear Mother-in-law sent up a turkey complete with dressing. We talked with all the kids and I just wrapped myself up in the blessings of God. He has given me such a wonderful family.
The weather is nasty cold. Honey spent the day outside working on equipment, so I made a big pot of bacon potato chowder and a pan of corn bread to take the chill off. I guess it worked, the pot & pan are both empty.
We are back to life as usual, and it's good ... but I miss my wonderful family in Texas. All my love to you guys! And Aunt Nig, I'll carry the secret Hummingbird cake recipe to the grave with me! LOL.
May the Lord bless you!