Lions, tigers, and bears ... oh no! The destruction of man will come from the insect world. Or at least my sanity will be destroyed by an insect so small that I can't even see it without my glasses. Due to what was a small case of fleas picked up at a dog kennel a few years back, we have now come under a full-fledged attack from fleas. I have shampooed, sprayed, and powdered the animals until they are probably cleaner than I am; but, to no avail. (Whenever I open the bathroom door, the dogs run & hide.) The tiny insects have massed produced until our cabin has become completely overrun. I can say for certainty that the insect "bombs" do not work. They only coat everything in the house with chemicals. So now I not only am at war with the little monsters ... I'm also riding the house of poison. I have spent the past two weeks in serious combat. I have sprayed, shampooed, and vacuumed just about everything. We're making a serious dent in the population, but I've still got a ways to go. Any tips would be more than welcome right now!

As I clean & clean & clean ... etc., I have often thought that this little fleas are alot like sin in my life. When the first one showed up, I didn't immediately attack to destroy it ... I ignored the problem in hopes that it would just go away. When ugly little thoughts pop up in my mind, I find that if I don't immediately attack & dispel them ... they become comfortable, fester, and grow until it ends up taking some serious cleansing & prayer to get them out. So as I go about my days of cleansing the house of our unwanted pests, I have also spent time cleansing my mind & heart of alot of unwanted sins.

Confessions like this aren't easy to do. Admitting to others that my home is infested is humbling to me; and admitting that my spiritual heart is infested with ugly thoughts is even more so. With God's help, I will win the battle with fleas, and He will have a servant that will be able to come into His presence cleansed.

May the Lord bless you.