The Secret

I think I'm finally getting a handle on my timing. Finding time to get online to write is challenging at best. Between my Mountain Man emailing back & forth with his customers and Meja working on her online schooling, my window of opportunity is limited. But determination will prevail.

I finally came across the "secret" to having an organized house, (it applies to my desk, car, etc. as well). I saw the headlines on the front of one of those women's' magazines about the secret to organization. If anyone knows me, they know that I am a terrible pack-rat. I choose to call myself a "one-day" saver. Such as ... one day I'm going to cut up those old clothes and make a quilt ... one day I'll need those 2 dozen pie tins on top of the fridge... you get the idea. I save EVERYTHING on the outside chance that "one day" I'm going to need. It has finally gotten to the point that when I "need", I can't find anything in all the clutter. I spend half a day or more just hunting for that one little thing that was saved to help me save time.

Well, with the hope that I won't ruin a good read for those who like women's' magazines ... the secret is so simple I almost fell down laughing. I spent good money to find out what I already knew ... in a nutshell, the secret is THROW IT AWAY! I looked up from my reading at the piles of clutter and couldn't stop laughing. The answer is so simple. I'm 40-something and the light just came on in my head. So these past couple of weeks have been challenging. It's kinda hard to toss the "stuff" that I've clung to all these years. As I sorted and weeded, the little voice in my head kept screaming "WHAT IF... WHAT IF YOU ARE GOING TO NEED THIS TOMORROW? WHAT IF ..." After the first couple of days tossing the stuff I really didn't want, I began to feel a new boldness. The little piles soon became trash bags full of stuff. Out went the huge bags of old clothes! Let's get real, I'm not going to be cutting all those clothes up to make a quilt. Out went the litter box! (oh yea, did I mention that DiAga was our last cat to be released to the yard? It was traumatic for me the first day, but she's so happy outside she's decided to make that her permanent place.) Honey was so happy to see my new resolve. By the way, he is a bigger pack rat than I am. I secretly think he was happy to see my stuff go so he'd have more room for his stuff.

I guess what really surprises me is the way I feel. I feel like this "baggage" is falling off of me emotionally. So many things that I hold on to have emotional ties. Also, the 'fear' of not having was the most surprising emotion. I never realized that about myself. I guess cleanliness is truly next to godliness. The more of the emotional baggage I get rid of, the easier it is for me to get closer to God.

It's time for Honey to get home. Have a wonderful rest of the day, and
May the Lord bless you.