I'm back

Just when I think it's safe to come back online ... a virus hits me out of the email. Virus blockers are great to alert you, and can even keep it from trashing the entire computer, but my ISP server bit the dust. After considerable time & effort, I ended up having to delete my Internet account and install it all over again. That made me sad because I lost all my favorites and instant connections. I spent a lot of time gathering my links. At my age, and with my bad memory, links are important. Links are like favorite photos that remind me of good times and wonderful friends. Links are like family & friends who call and remind me that my day-to-day worries are so trivial compared to the important things in life like love & relationships. Ok, so maybe links don't call and make me feel better, but family & friends do. (hey, the dramatization thing works for the little Geico lizard). Speaking of family, I've been called by several members of my family about going back to Texas for our family reunion. I have been bribed & threatened and wish more than anything that I could be there to see everyone. We have a very large family and it would be impossible to find everyone one at a time to visit, so if the women in charge would push the reunion back until ... say, November ... I could be there. But, we'll just have to settle for a wonderful holiday season instead.

Things here have been busy. The Mountain Man has been working long hours to keep up with the hectic summer schedule. During the summer, I see very little of him. So, when he does come home, my attention is his. Right now, Meja is away staying with family and we're suffering alone in our empty nest.

Speaking of Honey, his movie is about over and it's time for us old folks to hit the hay. Tomorrow comes early. But, now that I've got my links back ... I'll be coming back here a bit more often to visit.

Have a wonderful night & may the Lord bless you.

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