Summer is here and things have finally settled down around here for awhile at least. The equipment is still limping along, but as long as it works ... Praise God! Honey has been working some long hours, and has little time for much else right now. The phone rings non-stop all day and keeps things lively here at the office. Work is good for the spirit and also helps us fall asleep at night.
After being house-bound all winter due to the cold, I spend alot of my time these days on the go. I'm running errands in town for the business and trying to keep up with a very active 17-year-old. I enjoy getting out. I met a fellow Texan yesterday. He and his wife moved in down the street from my in-laws. Nice fella. It's refreshing to see more "homeys" moving in.
Last night honey and I had to run to town. He'd had a blow-out in his work shoes and needed some more asap. It's almost impossible to find men's shoes in size 13. He's a big man ... with BIG feet. We were fortunate, and didn't have to spend all night hunting for shoes. He was so happy to find what he needed that he even bought me a pair. I've heard about married folks spending "quality" time together ... if this is what it's like ... I want more of it! We then went to our favorite Chinese restaurant for supper. I love the spur of the moment "date nights". Even though the business keeps us all busy during the summer, we've found that if we can slow the pace and carve out a little one-on-one time, it helps keep the stress from becoming too much. Life isn't very exciting right now at the cabin ... but in the still of the late night ... at least the phone is quiet.

May the Lord bless you.

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