Camping in Maine

Here are a few pictures of our camping trip this past October. It was really cold in Maine that weekend.
We decided to sneak away for a few days to de-stress after a hard summer. Little did we know that our traveling days were only beginning. Most of the pictures are of Honey, because I haven't gotten around to processing "his" film yet. I guess it may be an artist ego thing ... When we have spare time, one of our favorite past-times is to take the cameras out and shoot rolls & rolls of film. Because I was using the digital and he was using his film camera, my pictures get processed first. And my favorite model is my Mountain Man. After being away from him during my stay in Texas, I really began to realize just how connected we are to each other. Soon, we will have been married 8 years, and during this time, we have become so intertwined. God said in the Scriptures that a man & woman shall become as one flesh when they are married. That's what we've become. And I LOVE it!
There are more pictures to come.
May the Lord bless you.