Movie Reviews, Update, and other such stuff

Good morning!
It's been a busy few weeks here at the cabin. Since our return from Texas at Thanksgiving, we have been in a rush to get the plow truck & equipment ready for the coming season. Glitches are a given when your work/lives revolve around the seasons, and we've had our share of them. Last month, we found out that the bottom of our well has caved in. Our water well apparently fills up with enough water to use each day. Showers, laundry, & dishes have to be planned as to not overload the well each day. Our well is fed by a spring and since we have about half as much space in the well to hold water, we have to use our allotment wisely. I don't understand all the where-fors & what-nots of the situation, only that I have to be very careful and not drain the well dry. I am finding out that we can't take anything for granted any more. Every little area in our lives is a gift & blessing from God and we have to remember to treat it as such.
We made it through our first real snow storm last weekend... Almost a foot of snow. Honey sends out contracts each fall to get confirmation on which customers are going to want winter service and this also gives each customer an opportunity to have their service customized to their wishes. He started last weekend with 18 confirmed customers. Most of them regular customers from seasons past. When the snow started falling ... the phone started ringing! Seems that there are at least two men in the area that have gone out of business since last winter and left their plow customers in a lurch. As it stands right now, we have around 35 customers for this season, and I'm sure that there will be others. Honey won't turn anyone down when they are in need. (Just for reference: 18 customers = about 6-8 hours of continuous plowing, if everything goes smoothly!) We've got another storm forecasted for tonight and it is supposed to drag on through until about Wednesday. It looks like it may be a LONG week!
I'm generally not one to make alot of fuss about movies, good or bad. Some I like... most I don't. But there are two movies that I want to tell you about.
First: Although I haven't seen it personally, I think folks with small children need to be aware of the new movie THE GOLDEN COMPASS. I was talking to Eric yesterday and he was telling me about this movie. This morning, I received an email alert from a friend with this link to Snopes about this very same movie. The previews on TV make the movie look light-hearted and fun. But, Eric read some of the books and has verified everything in this article. Please be informed before you take a child to see THE GOLDEN COMPASS.
Ok, there is supposed to be a link to the snopes.com movie review for the Golden compass here. If it doesn't show up on your computer, the type into your thingy finder at the top: snopes.com/politics/religion/compass.asp

On a happier note, we watched THE NATIVITY STORY last night, and I can't begin to praise this movie enough! It has Keisha Castle-Hughes as Mary and Oscar Isaac as Joseph. It is a love story to end all love stories! Please, if you haven't seen it yet... watch it in the next few weeks! With all thoughts turning toward Christmas this time of year, I tend to get turned off by the commercialism and haven't been able to muster any "Christmas spirit" in several years. But after watching the NATIVITY STORY, I see Christmas in a whole new light. Christmas is our reminder of the love our Father God has for us. Watch the movie and let me know what you think. Eric watched this movie last year and for months went on and on about how wonderful it is. For anyone who doesn't know Eric, he is a huge movie fan and part-time critic on the internet. He also is not a fan of "religious" movies that seem to have an agenda or are poorly done. He couldn't say enough about THE NATIVITY STORY. I promise that you won't come away from it unaffected. I hope my own parents see it together. What a love story!
Well, my time is up. It's time to wake the crew. On Sunday, we try to have church here at home, and with a storm headed this way, our day just got busier.

Have a wonderful Lord's day and may the Lord bless you.