Storm's over

Another storm has come & gone. Life around here during a snow storm alters dramatically from our usual summer schedule. Days and nights get muddied together. When it looks like Honey will have to go out to plow snow, he usually goes to bed about six hours earlier than the storm is scheduled to end and I try to stay up and do snow watch. This means watching to see when the snow stops falling & taking calls from customers. We have several customers who are doctors & other medical professionals that need to keep their driveways passable, (although the musician tends to be the one who makes the late night calls). When the storm drops it's final flake, Honey gets into gear. He clears the driveways from snow, sands the icy spots, and cleans steps & sidewalks for elderly customers. With 36 customers, a regular storm takes about 12-14 hours to complete. It makes for a long day, but we're blessed with the work/income. The work is hard, so I try to make a special meal for him to come home to. Tonight, there was a chicken roasting in the oven with carrots, celery, and red potatoes filling the roasting pan. I want him to be able to come in from the cold and be greeted with a warm house filled with good smells. We've got tomorrow to re-group before the Nor'easter hits Sunday morning. They are predicting 12-20 inches this time around. (Regular storms average about 5-6 inches.) This will take several days to get out from under all the snow. Nothing will wake me up quicker than to take the dogs out to potty in the middle of the night and accidentally step into a hole filled with snow! That's enough to make a saint bless like a sailor.
Well for now, we are snuggled up in the cabin - warm, full, and content from a hard days work behind us.

May the Lord bless you.

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