Quiet Days & Christmas spirit

Things have been kind of quiet here at the cabin lately. The snow from last weekend has finally been cleaned up, and as I type ... more snow is falling. Honey will probably be out plowing again tomorrow. Rumor has it that we've had almost 30-inches of snow so far this season. I promise to take & post pictures real soon.
With the new quiet, all thoughts turn to holiday cooking. I've been pouring over the cookbooks, making my lists and checking them twice. I remember oh so well the Christmas' past when Mama would bake goodies and cook for what seemed like weeks to get ready for Christmas. Oh the smells that would come out of her kitchen! To me, that's Christmas! I guess that's why I feel the need to get my own kitchen buzzing with holiday activity. Besides Aunt Nig's Hummingbird Cake, there are plans for pies, cobblers, and cookies. As always, money is awful tight this time of year, so my gifts to my family are home-made treats. The planning stage was filled with wonderful ideas of home-made goodness ... then I went to the grocery store. Oh my goodness! Between the empty shelves, the prices, and the overwhelming amount of shoppers with the same grand idea, I almost abandoned my cart and said "forget it!" The fastest way to loose the holiday spirit is to go shopping. Simple goodness isn't quite so simple when you're surrounded with commercialism at it's peek.
But now that I'm sitting in the quiet stillness of home, the spirit of Christmas is returning. When Jesus was born, he had many visitors. The wise men stand out to me because, even though they were wealthy in their day, the gifts they gave were personal. They traveled such a long way in the discomfort of the desert and gave to the Lord what was most precious to them. My time is my treasure. For the Dear Lord, I can give it in His honor this Christmas season ... just like Mama.

May the Lord bless you.

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