Covered in snow

Good Morning,
What a wonderful Lord's day! We're tucked in at the cabin warm & contented. But, as always, the weather will soon send everything into a tizzy again. If the forecasts are correct, we're supposed to get heavy rain with high winds sometime today. So, more than likely we'll end up loosing power and/or phone service by tonight. Not to worry ... we have a great generator! We use it regularly and it's powerful enough to run most of the cabin. We just can't use the computers when it's running.
Before the rain comes and makes a mess of all the snow, here are some pictures I took yesterday evening around the cabin. The trees are so tall, I could only fit in the top 1/3rd. There's enough snow on those branches to make an awesome snowman.
We've had so much snow this December. Even though it has all settled, there's several inches built up on the shed roof. It's hard to make out the van & truck by the shop. And the last one is my old truck ... "little blue". Since all our trucks are blue, we have to name them. We call it little blue because the others are beefed up for snowplowing. Little blue is old and ugly, but I love it. Driving it is like being a teenager again. There is none of the fancy, plastic parts inside; no cruise control, no 4-wheel drive, and the bench seat wallowed out pretty good ... just a simple old truck. We're simple folks, so little blue works pretty good for us.
It's time to get ready to go. We're supposed to be in Claremont this afternoon for Christmas with honey's family. We'll have to visit fast to get home before the rain/wind get too bad. After dark, all the rain is supposed to turn to ice. So, Honey will probably have to sand driveways tonight.
Have a wonderful day.

May the Lord bless you.

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