The Harvest Begins

Good Morning! Well, for the next 5 minutes it's morning. It's a busy day here at the cabin. The first harvest has begun and I'm loving every minute of it. With the cold, wet summer we've had, the harvest won't be nearly as bountiful as we were hoping. But, there's a harvest non-the-lest. Sunday, I gathered almost a pound of broccoli and got so excited that I immediately cooked it up in a broccoli/rice casserole. Let me tell you, store bought broccoli doesn't even compare! Praise God, I love harvest time!

Yesterday, I harvested several of the herbs growing on the deck. My kitchen counters were so full, I hardly had room to make supper last night. Meja came by for supper and I was having a wonderful time dodging plates and towels piled high with basil, parsley, sage, chives, and oregano. Last night I went to bed excited because today was when I get to process all these herbs.

Right now, there's a bouquet of lemon basil hanging from the rafter, loose basil leaves in the dehydrator, chopped chives, oregano, sage, and parsley on paper towels on the counters, two bowels of bread dough rising, and very ripe bananas ready to go into some muffins. The smells are rich and everywhere you go ... it smells like home.

I'm a big fan of Bluegrass, and there's a song that I'm claimed as my theme song. Here are a few of the lyrics:

I call Your name and I find comfort,
just in knowing that You care.
I walk each day a path that's peaceful,
with every step I take You're there,

What a blessing just to know when I rise each day
that You are guiding me in your gentle-handed way.
And as I go about my day, until I lay my head to rest,
Just to know You love me Lord, I am blessed.
Just to know You love me Lord, I am blessed.

You made the stars to shine with wonder,
skys so blue with Majesty
You gave the rain it's mighty thunder,
yet You still look down on me.

With every step I take You're there,
I call Your name and I find rest,
Just to know You love me Lord,
I am blessed.

Even on my down days, the days that I feel so far down in the valley and can't see the sun ... I sing this song as I work ... I'm very soon humbled and back on my way up the mountain. I'm blessed.

May the Lord bless you as richly as He has blessed me.

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