Simple Living

After the rain yesterday and last night, the sun is starting to break through and it looks like we might get to dry out some before the next low pressure system hits. I step out onto the deck and survey the clouds ~ do I dare hang laundry out on the line? Would it have enough time to dry before the rain starts again? I know that sounds like such a simple decision.

Over the past few years, honey and I have felt led to become debt-free and go back toward a simpler way of living. The Bible warns of the times to come. One Scripture even talks about the time where a loaf of bread will cost a days wages. I want to clarify that we are not alarmist or "end-time junkies" where we live of the days of gloom and doom. We studied the 'seasons' the Bible talks about to better understand how to prepare for the future. (it's just like preparing for retirement, or a farmer watching the weather to plan his fields.)

We live very simply. With me not being able to work out, I figure that for every dollar I can save is a tax-free dollar earned. This will help us get the two business loans paid off quicker and help us to put back a savings. With this in mind, I see my job in a new light. Laundry now has a more substantial role than it did before. We rarely eat out. I make most of our meals from scratch ~ stretching every ingredient as far as I can. It sounds tiresome, but actually the challenge is kind of fun. Some large companies pay a person big money to stretch their dollars. For some, this has always just been a way of life. Those are the people I look to. They are my teachers. I've seen some people who have such elaborate systems to saving money that it makes my head hurt. Too many details. I'm a simple person. If we don't NEED it ... don't buy it. If we can make it ourselves ... then that's what we do.

I went to town yesterday to buy groceries. We shop at a wholesale/discount store (much like Sam's Club down South). We buy in bulk and that really does save money after the first two months of setting the system up; plus it ensures that there is always food in reserve. Anyway, we have been noticing over the past few months that the cost of food is increasing. The cost of fuel will drive up the cost of consumer goods, etc.. But yesterday I saw that 7.5 lbs of ground meat was almost $20.00. Ground meat! This the the beef they grind up when it doesn't sell as a roast or steak. Also the other cuts of meat that aren't suitable to sell as a roast or steak. As Christians we aren't to worry. I know first-hand how God provides for all of our needs. But, I also believe that we should watch the season and prepare for the future. Around here, people start gathering firewood early in the summer and by August it's stacked and they've move on to other preparations. Is preparing for the physical seasons any different than preparing for the seasons described in the Scriptures? I don't think so.

For Christians, the good news is the Lord will be back to take us home soon. The bad news is ... we might have to experience some harsh weather before that happens. In Proverbs, the Scriptures tell us to take a lesson from the ants. That's simple teaching and something I can understand. I guess I'd better get those clothes outside while the sun is still shining.

May the Lord bless you.

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