North Country

It's Monday again. So far, it's been a really good one too. Talked to my little brother awhile ago. Lordy, Lordy, look who's 40 ~ Happy Birthday Jim! He has officially joined the rest of us who are slipping down the other side of the hill. Watch it little brother, you're gonna feel like there's grease on the back of your britches ... it goes by really fast when you're over the hill. He did remind me that no matter how old he gets ... I'll always be older. (he's always been a sassy one.)

Speaking of birthdays, the mountain man has a birthday this Wednesday. He's not in the mood to celebrate this year, so we loaded up and went up North yesterday. Officially, they call the Northern part of Vermont "the North Country" ... we're simple folks, we just say that we are going/went "up North". Honey wanted to do some window shopping for camping trailers. I told him I'd tag along to take pictures. Ever since we've been married, one of our favorite things to do is just drive and take pictures. As it turned out, we wandered all over the place. At one point we were only 4 miles from Canada. We tried to find a spot where we could take pictures across the border without actually having to go into Canada, but there were too many trees. We considered driving up to the border crossing for me to take a picture of the crossing for you folks, but we thought they might think we were suspicious and sic the border patrol on us, so I just took a picture of the sign. It didn't come out too good because Honey wouldn't slow down as we passed it.

The more we talked about taking pictures, the more we liked the idea of taking all kinds of random shots and posting them ... kinda like taking you touring with us. Some people are gifted in being able to describe places and events with words. I guess I tell my stories with my pictures. So ... here are a few sights from up North...

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