Saturday morning at the cabin

Good Morning!
It's a peaceful Saturday morning here at the cabin. Honey is working overtime again and life goes on as usual six days a week here. The Saturday work isn't very different than when he was self-employed. We just start the days earlier. We usually get up around 4am and by 7:30 we are in full swing. Bear and I usually are out checking the garden first thing each morning,and then wander back up to the house for one more cup of coffee on the deck. He's a natural guard dog and our deck is up about tree limb level --- he's in guard dog heaven! Here's a picture of Bear watching over me at the garden this morning. Don't let that cuddly face fool you, he's on a leash for a reason. But, he's family. (The path up behind him is our yard. Quite a little hike.)

The gardens look sad this year. The only real success appears to be the squash plants. I believe that squash is probably one of the prettiest plants I've ever seen. I knew a man in Lubbock, Texas who used squash in front yard when he planted his flowers every summer. He had a beautiful yard! The squash was just an added benefit.

Well, the coffee is about gone. I've got a bowl of bread dough rising on the stove and a counter/sink full of dirty dishes. I guess it's time to get busy. Honey and I are going window shopping when he gets home after lunch and I've got alot to do before then.

Have a wonderful day and may the Lord bless you.

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