It's only a thunderstorm

Over the years, I have acquired phrases that I use to describe, reassure, or tease my family & friends. For example: when anyone is acting in such a way that they are starting to make me a little crazy, I tell them how "cute" they are. ("You're so cute!")They soon learn that the cuter they get ~ the more frustrated I'm getting at them. That is a gentle way to tell them to back off or go away. When they don't take the subtle hint, I tell them that they are "sliding off the cute scale" and need to find someone else to mess with. I know it sounds corny, but my family gets the hint pretty well and it saves a certain amount of conflict.

Another phrase I use is: "It's an adventure". That the word that says that a certain place or circumstance is really difficult, but we're going to find something in this to laugh about. Kids pick up on this really quick and we start looking for the funny side of difficult situations.

"It's only a thunderstorm" has probably become one of my most used phrases over the years. When circumstances, problems, or life itself seems to come at us with lots of threatening noise and we get scared of what might happen ~ "It's only a thunderstorm". It's big, it's loud, and it's scary ... but, it'll be over soon and tomorrow will be so much brighter. That sounds too simplistic; but it's true. The problem/circumstance won't stay forever, and chances are pretty good that it won't destroy your world ... but, it sounds like it could. Thunderstorms don't last forever. They rumble through and rumble back out again.

So, whether you're dealing with "cute" people, having an adventure, or just hunkering down through a thunderstorm ~ God is there. He gives us patience, joy, and endurance.

Side note: Milkmaid, if you're out there ... God has put you on my heart and in my prayers. It's only a thunderstorm. God's right beside you.

May the Lord bless and keep you.

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