Well, it's finally happened. Honey came home yesterday and told me that the winter layoff starts today. We've been expecting it to happen soon. We were just hoping he would have another week of work. The construction industry here shuts down for the winter months; and with the economic slump, it just happened sooner than later. As we compared thoughts about there being no steady work during the winter, we are both at peace knowing that God's got it all covered. Honey's boss plows snow during the winter, and unless God points us in a different direction, Honey will work for him part-time. Right now, we just wait to see what God is going to do. Over the past few years, God has taken us to a point in our journey where we've had to learn to lean on Him for absolutely everything. He has taught us to have complete faith in Him.

From what I've been hearing, there are alot of folks around the country who are going through the very same situation as us. My youngest son called this week and told me that he was laid off Monday. He's a truck driver also. Unfortunately, this means he will probably have to go back over the road again. I'm waiting to see which direction God is going to send him. I can't imagine living in these troubling times without the Lord.

Well, my coffee cup is about empty. It's time to get my day started.
Have a wonderful day & may the Lord bless you.

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