Weekend At The Cabin

It's been a good weekend here at the cabin. Despite the frigid temperatures, Honey has been out hunting. So far, that 10-point buck has kept one step ahead of him. But, the season's not over just yet. I'm offering my full support in this quest for the "big boy" ~ from inside the cabin. I help him gather his things, I offer up all the hot coffee he could want and/or hold, and I'll even serve hot meals during the day to keep everything toasty on the inside ... but, that's about as far as I go. Well, almost. When he comes in from climbing up and down the snow & ice covered mountains, battling the cold temperatures, and getting frustrated by the fact that the deer can hear hunters walking through the crusty snow 100 yards away; I can't resist ~ I play arm-chair quarterback with questions like: "You didn't go down the south-slope did you? You really should have gone down there. Did you turn left or right at the birch tree on top? Right? You should have turned left. ...

Actually, I'm not quite that bad; but I do tend to second-guess him a bit. It's all in good fun. Sometimes I wonder just why he puts up with me. I figure he's learning patience, and I'm learning just how blessed I am.

Have a good night, and may the Lord bless you.

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