The Decision Is Final

If you haven't been listening to the radio, watching or reading the news ... it's official. President-elect Obama is virtually unstoppable now. The last safeguard our country has refused to make waves & do their job. The Supreme Court Justices shirked their duty by refusing to hear the concerns of the people. As I said earlier, whether or not Barack Obama is a natural-born citizen is a secondary issue. The real issue is that the checks & balances set up by the founding fathers is broken and the enormous power of our Federal government is now in the hands of one man. The mass slaughter of our babies will increase like never before. Partial birth abortion & the wholesale marketing of baby parts will come out of the back rooms and gain acceptance as "routine medical procedures". It won't be long before the aged & disabled become the next targets in murder for convenience sake.

Our only line of defense now is prayer. I pray daily that God reach Barack Obama and turn his heart to Jesus. If Barack Obama still refuses the Lord, then I pray that God stop him at every turn. I pray that God protects these innocent children.

Am I a voice crying in the wilderness? I feel like it sometimes. If we don't speak up for this innocent little ones, who will? Turning our heads, holding our tongues, and choosing not to deal with controversy is exactly what lead our country to this place.

I want to leave you with this one thought:

"... National Religion usually evolves into Religious Nationalism. God save the king eventually becomes king save God. If the church cannot stand apart and examine the state, then the state becomes the savior with God as accomplice." ~Robert B. McNeill, Prophet, Speak Now!

May the Lord bless you.

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