Power Outage pt. 2

We were more fortunate than alot of others. We have a gas generator and a propane stove that we used when we had to. This storm bit into our finances; but I know beyond a doubt that the Lord is providing and will continue to do so.

In these images, there's not much snow on the ground; but the trees are heavy with ice. The picture posted in reverse and jumbled. I'm not internet savy enough to fix this; So, we'll take this trip to town backwards. The last one was on the road down into town. The third is the view across the meadow toward the other mountain top. The first was taken as we topped the hill into Beaver Meadow. Granted, the meadow is full of very tall trees, but it was a meadow at one time. The second is the dirt road going down past the cabin. I suspect this little stretch of road was a real thrill ride before the salt/sand truck came by. More than a few times folks have ice skated down that slope sideways.

I don't think I'll ever understand why God created winter. But in all the unpleasant cold, there was tremendous beauty. What I couldn't manage to capture on film is how the ice droplets on the trees shone like little glass balls on a Christmas tree. Reds, blues, and yellows sparkled as the light reflected on the ice. Even in the drearies of times, God blesses us with such wonder.

Stay warm and may the Lord bless you.

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