Power Outage pt 1

We've had yet another adventure. The national news had a few headlines about power outages in the northeast. They weren't just a kidding. It started off as snow, but didn't take long for the temperatures to warm up just enough for it all to change to sleet & freezing rain. It poured for hours; then the winds came. It didn't take long for the trees to freeze right up and then snap in the wind. A town close to us was shut off. They were restricting all traffic both coming & going due to downed power lines & trees. It just so happens that our power comes from that direction.

I thought I'd pass along a little sneak peak to those who don't know what a frozen world looks like. Here is a closeup look at trees & such encased in ice. These were taken later in the day when it "warmed up". But, I could take the same pictures today, because it hasn't warmed up enough for anything to melt yet. If you have a monitor that tends to be a little dark, you make want to enlarge them to get a better look. Even though the sun was shinning when I took them ... we still live in a forest.

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