Some Christmas thoughts

It's been a busy time here at the cabin lately. Christmas was great. This year, partially due to circumstances, no Christmas gifts were bought, no tree was put up, and to the best of my memory, this was the most peaceful Christmas I've ever had. Due to the uncertainty of our winter finances, we decided to forego buying a real Christmas tree. Our little artificial tree and Nativity scene were packed away in the loft where I couldn't get to them. But, you know, the lack of decorations didn't take away from our Christmas spirit at all. For us, celebrating Christ didn't have to involve "stuff". We visited the family that was close by and talked to everyone else by phone. My oldest son called and by phone introduced me to his new fiancee. What a neat Christmas present ~ a future daugher-in-law and a future grandson! She seems to be a really wonderful woman. I was a bit nervous, trying to put my best foot forward and everything, when all of the sudden we lost electricity and PHONE! My first thought was 'Oh geez, she's going to think I hung up on her!' To my relief, it was only a flicker and I was able to call back and explain. She was a real sweetheart about it. Minutes after we hung up, the power and phone went out again ~ this time for good. Honey dug the generator out of the snow and we were back in business. Still no phone, but all was good. We were only without for a few hours. Later that night, Meja came with lasagne. She makes the absolute best. That was a great ending to a wonderful day.

The next day, Honey and I had to run to town for something and I was stunned to see SO MANY PEOPLE. I figured that after all the hustle & bustle of preparing for Christmas, everyone would be home resting. Honey explained that folks usually are at the stores exchanging gifts and stuff the day after Christmas. He had warned me that the traffic in town was going to be bad, but I never dreamed there would be so many people taking back gifts that someone had given them. It's almost like they jumped out of bed that morning and rushed to the store to exchange what someone had spent alot of time and money finding. Is it just me, or is there something terribly wrong with this picture? This is Christmas? This is how we celebrate our Lord? As we picked up what we needed and tried to make our way out of the madhouse, I was sad for those folks. They spent all that time and money, but never found the peace of Christmas.

On the subject of Christmas and family, the day after Christmas I received an email from my cousin. She and her brothers lost their dear mother a few months ago, and on Christmas morning lost their father. There is only so much a person can endure. Please pray for her and her brothers. God knows their names and He knows their needs. I pray that the can wrap themselves in His love and comfort.

My coffee cup is empty, so it's time to get back to work. Have a great day and may the Lord bless you.

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