Happy New Year!

2008 is finally over; and it's been a rough one in so many ways for most of us. Each day, God is teaching me more & more about faith. I am learning new ways to lean on Him. When you pray for patience, God lets you experience people/situations that grate on you. Finally, with enough prayer & practice ... patience is acquired. When you pray for faith ~ you find that learning patience was a cake-walk.

With the circumstance being what they are here, heating the home is probably our biggest concern through the winter. It has been colder than normal so far this winter. My question is: Where are those people who keep screaming "global warming" and where can I get some? Burr, the temperatures are in the teens and the strong north wind will cut you right to the bone. The windchill is well below zero. Honey came home from working an odd job yesterday and told me that we now have free firewood for the rest of the winter. A block plant in town is giving him all the wooden pallets he can haul away for as long as he wants them. pallet wood is generally good hardwood that burns hot. Praise God! It wouldn't be our primary heat source, but it can help supplement enough so we won't have to spend an arm and a leg on fuel oil. I have learned not to doubt God's provision ~ but, I am always fascinated by how He provides.

On a slightly different note ~ a day or so ago, I discovered A Soldiers Mother. It's a blog written by a woman in Israel whose son is in the Israeli military. Her accounts of the war are heartbreaking, and yet inspiring. Also, she shows a very different picture of the Gaza conflict than the mainstream media. This isn't written to be political, merely the thoughts and feelings of a parent whose child is in harm's way ~ for a good and noble cause. Please visit this dear lady's blog. I feel sure you will be as blessed as I am by simply listening to her thoughts.

Have a safe and warm New Year's day, and may the Lord bless you throughout the coming year.

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