It's snowing up a storm outside. Honey left to go plow snow about an hour ago and I don't expect to see much out of him until late Friday or Saturday sometime. They are predicting up to two foot of snow this time. On paper, that doesn't sound like much; but in reality, it sure gets deep. After what was already on the ground, this will bring the snow up to about my thighs. Hopefully, I won't have to do much wading around it in.

To be honest, things have been kind of quiet around here lately. The kids all call & check in about once a week. They're all so busy. We were talking earlier about how much fun it is to watch them as they find their place in the world. The world is big and the possibilities are endless. The future is like a new canvas ~ just waiting for the artist to begin. I love hearing about their adventures; but I wouldn't trade them for the comfort we have here together. This past week has been like a little vacation. We've acted like a couple of teenagers ~ staying up late talking & playing computer games, spending extra time around the woodstove with strong coffee & good conversation, and just being content with life. I'll gladly trade my wandering shoes for a comfortable warm blanket these days. If the Lord tarries, one day our kids will pass the mantle of adventure to the next generation and settle in for the quiet that comes with a happy home and a peaceful spirit.

May the Lord bless you.

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