Family Time

The temperatures have been in the high 20s & low 30s the past couple of days. The warmth has been a real blessing.

Summer and winter have their own unique tasks; and sometimes the chores just seem to get away from us. Over the course of winter, the snow on the deck just kept piling up until it settled & just kind of froze there. Yesterday, Meja & Honey's Dad came up to help us get it all back under control. As you can see, Meja worked up a sweat breaking the ice & shoveling everything off the deck. The help was much appreciated, but the "girl time" was invaluable. Thanks Meja. You are truly one of a kind.

I was browsing yesterday morning through some of my favorite websites, and learned something interesting. Earthquate.usgs.gov has maps of recent earthquakes around the world. I browse through there every so often just to see where the activity is and with the volcano in Alaska about ready to blow, I thought maybe the earthquake activity would be more intense there. When I pulled up the map, I was a little surprised to see a tiny yellow square in the New England area. I zoomed in to check, and imagine my surprise to find out it was right here ~ well, it wasn't right here at our house ... but in checking the coordinates, I found that it was right under my Mother & Father-in-law's house. The quake happened Saturday night. When I asked Honey's Father about it, he said that they were both dozing in front of the TV and thought that snow must have slide off the roof, (tin roofs create an awful noise when heavy snow slides off). According to the map, it had a magnitude of 1.9. He was so impressed that I printed the map for him to show off.
In 50 years of marriage, they've had alot of firsts. Now they can add one more thing to the list.

It's fun to get together with family. We are so blessed with ours.
Have a good night, and may the Lord bless you.

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