Whitewashing A Dark World

My computer sits in front of a window. The window faces west; and through the window, I can look down over the meadow. As I sit here looking out, I think about how deceptive it is out there. The sunset casts a warm light over the trees in the meadow and by appearances, it would be a wonderful opportunity to stand out on the porch and watch the day pass. But in reality, the temperature is a balmy 15 degrees. A strong breeze drops the air to somewhere in the frigid range.

Earlier, I had a phone call from a lady in town. She is running for the Select Board, (other places call them City Council members), and wanted to count on our vote. This lady has been on the Select Board since as long as I can remember and I've spoke with her several times in the past. I've been to meetings during my time here; and even though I wouldn't put alot of stock in her common sense, she did keep me entertained because I could tell she really enjoyed her position. She never pushed the power issue ~ she just seemed to like being around the people of the community.

Earlier, when she was explaining why she wanted to be re-elected, I spoke up and told her that I don't believe that I could vote for her. When asked why, I explained that a few months ago I was standing in the library with others when I heard her spout her "Obama" hype. I went on to explain my concerns about his support of abortion and asked what her's was. She stated very clearly that she was 'pro-choice' and "really couldn't say when life began". The conversation stayed strangely congenial. It was a discussion, nothing more. I pointed out that even though abortion most likely won't become a town issue, I felt that a person's views determined their character and where they stood on other things.

Have you ever had a moment in time that you wished you could go back to? I've found that my best conversations usually happen about an hour after the opportunity has past. The conversation never got ugly. If anything, I felt that she pitied me in my simpleness. Maybe she should. I've come to the conclusion that when it all boils down ~ isn't character what really matters? Is it OK to separate our 'spiritual' beliefs from our 'social' beliefs? Is it OK to hold one belief in private and display a different belief in the community? I don't question my beliefs, but should I have gone along to get along? I'm not preaching from my soap-box, merely evaluating my actions.

The Scriptures talk about being double-minded and about not being able to be a friend to the world and a friend to God at the same time. Does this make me a fanatic? I don't think so. To me, it's important for my actions to stay completely in line with my beliefs. I try to do so as kindly as possible; but I can't sit on the fence any longer. I just wish I could go back and use that time to better explain God. More than likely she wouldn't have given me a second thought.

As I look out the window, I'm reminded of our community. There is no real crimes to speak of. People speak softly in hushed tones at all times. There are never shouts of anger, nor peels of laughter either. The school yard is just as quiet during recess. (For example, have you ever been to a funeral?) Looking at this area from the outside, it appears to be very peaceful; almost as if everyone has advanced to a higher level of existence. This is deceptive. But how can you introduce someone to a Savior, if they won't acknowledge that they are dying?

May the Lord bless you.

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