New season ~ New calling

The sun is shinning more and more these days, and my spirit is getting all excited about the mere thought of spring. Granted, it won't be here until the end of March at the very earliest; but my spirit holds fast to the hope. Then there are the occasional days when the clouds just won't seem to go away and hope isn't much more than a 4-letter word. Scientists have claimed that there's proof that people's mental state is effected in a large way by the seasons. I know mine seem to be.

The seasons of life are very much like the seasons of the year. I was talking with a friend earlier and we were discussing how God calls us to a task. For a period in our lives, that task may be our only focus. In time, the Lord may grow that work to include more tasks or He may move us out of that work and give us a whole other direction.

I want to introduce you to a dear brother in the Lord. His name is Don Huffaker. He's a lay minister in Monticello, Kentucky. He has an Angus cattle breeding farm and helps with a family business as well. Don has been a contributing writer on Sojourner2Heaven for a number of years; and now feels that God is calling him to reach outside the boundaries of the four walls of the church. Don has such a heart for the Lord and burns with a fire to tell others about the awesome God he serves. He will be contributing devotionals to Sojourner on a regular basis now. Here is a link to the new Sojourner2Heaven blog where Don's articles will be featured. Stop by and visit with him. Tell him Howdy and be encouraged by the great things that God is doing. I promise you that his passion for God is contagious.

Just as I get excited about the newness of Springtime, I get equally as excited to see God place another light in the sea of cyber-darkness.

May the Lord bless you.
Oh and p.s. ~ Happy Birthday Mama! I love you.


Northern Farmer said...

Thanks for the link! I'm like you, I get excited to see God place another light in the sea of cyber-darkness!

God Bless!


Lee Ann said...

There's always a place for another one of God's lights out here. The world is an awful dark place right now, and PRAISE GOD, He just keeps sending more and more light!
Hope you're feeling better. I can't imagine life without coffee. You're in our prayers.

May the Lord bless you with good health & an early spring.