The Allure of Danger

What a glorious morning! The sun was shinning and the air had a distinct feeling of spring. Granted, it will be several more weeks before the snowstorms are over & the ground is thawed ~ but, praise God, it's coming!

Late last night the oddest thing happened. I stepped out onto the back porch and heard coyotes howling all across the meadow. I'm not talking just one or two. There were lone coyotes here & there; but there were packs of at least 4+ as well. It sounded like women wailing all around the darkness. At one point, I called Honey outside to listen. He heard them walking in the woods up behind the house. Knowing my curious nature like he does; he instructed me not to go back outside unarmed. It wasn't long before I was back out there to listen. In some ways it raises the hair on the back of your neck; but the intensity of the cries was like nothing I had ever heard before. In the past, I would hear at most one or two. This was a more soulful sound. The artist in me hears the soulfulness of the cries & Honey's first response was: "they're probably running down the deer."

How can something so destructive capture the imagination so well? Is it our natural human nature to be captivated by things that can & will harm us? I guess that's why we as people are drawn toward sin. Sin captures our imagination, and then it draws us toward a path that leads to destruction. Why can't I be more like Honey and turn a deaf ear to the lure of the calls and stay focused on the reality of the situation?

There are traps out there for each of us. I am very blessed to have a husband who doesn't fall into the same traps that I do. And where he tends to be lured astray are areas that have little or no effect on me. We keep each other in check. I think that's how God designed it. When the Apostles were sent out, they went in pairs. A person walking alone can get lured into sin so much easier than if there was someone to help keep them focused on God's will. I am so blessed that God gave me a partner like Honey. He cuts to the chase and helps me stay focused.

It's late and I'm hoping to work in the mud room tomorrow. It's time to put on a coat of paint, clean off the potting bench, and get everything ready to start my seeds soon.

Have a great night & may the Lord bless you.

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