Danger in the Darkness

It’s a glorious morning here at the cabin. The sun is out & with a fresh coat of snow, the world is clean and white. What a contrast to the nights. I mentioned previously the coyotes that have invaded the meadow. Winters are hard around here and the coyotes are moving in closer to the homes looking for smaller prey such as cats, rodents, etc. At one time, there was only a few, but left unchecked, the population exploded. There seem to be several packs around now and pickin’s are scarce.

We’ve noticed that in the undisturbed snow that the coyotes have been hunting in our back yard. Evidence of this is within spitting distance of the porch. This is a little unnerving to say the least. It has gotten to the point where we have to make sure the cat & dog have been let out before the sun goes down and not taken out again until morning. Even our guard dog wouldn’t stand a chance against a pack of coyotes. We venture out only if absolutely necessary and then we have to be armed ~ just in case.

It frustrates & angers me that we are in essence trapped inside during the nighttime hours. That is, unless we decide to fight back. That’s almost the way I feel when I look around at the new changes brought on by our government. Decisions are being made that go against our rights as citizens. More and more our freedoms are being eroded until we become trapped. Not only does this affect our present, but it also hampers our future plans of possibly adding chickens & rabbits this summer.

This property gives us the right to fight back the coyotes. By the use of lights, we can eliminate the shadows and expose them. Then they can be dealt with as they come around. In Washington, our Constitution is the light needed to expose the people & policies that are threatening our rights. What then would be our weapons of choice? Pressure by the people through letters, emails, phone calls, and the internet.

Here at the cabin, if Honey & I were to be apathetic to the situation, our pets would most definitely be in danger, and in time we would be too. As a nation, if we remain apathetic ~ a select few would be the first to loose their rights; but in time, the rest of us will most certainly loose ours as well.

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