Canadian Geese

What a beautiful day here at the cabin. The sun is melting the snow nicely and the temp. was up to about 50 or so. Praise God, spring is finally here! Each morning we have been hearing the Canadian geese calling. That’s about the most beautiful sound in the whole world. During the fall, they migrate south. Their calls of good-bye are so lonely & sad. That’s the official start of winter. A few years back, we were able to get some shots of the geese as they were leaving. I’ve spent all winter looking for these negatives, but even though I’m a few months late, I wanted to share a couple of them with you.

Now that the geese are back, I’ve been anxious to track them down for pictures. Their watering holes here in the meadow require serious 4-wheel drive and an experienced driver. But unfortunately we’ve been waylaid by the flu bug these past couple of days. Honey seems to have received the brunt of the symptoms. Please say a little prayer for us. Being cooped up on such a beautiful day is disheartening. But the Lord will get us through this too.

It’s time for our round of Nyquil. Have a good night and may the Lord bless you.

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