The Interview

It has been a cold blustery day here at the cabin. The March winds have been in full blow. In a few more weeks all of this will be over and life will be good once again. My seeds came in and I'm busy getting the mud room set back up as an indoor greenhouse. There's not alot of room down there, but it's enough to get the tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, & lettuce started. The growing season here is so short that the peppers & tomatoes have to be half-grown by Memorial Day to even acquire a harvest of any kind. Starting the lettuce & cucumbers is simply to speed up the fresh salads that we are craving so much right now.

Well it finally happened. The news (and I use the term loosely) reporter from Channel 5 called this morning to interview Honey about the Food Safety legislation, (HR875). They met down at a local farm stand outside of town, (good back drop for effect), and she taped the interview for around 10 minutes, give or take. Honey had done his research, he gave her his stack of notes in case she wanted to dig deeper, and he came away thinking that even if she only used a minute or two ~ the legislation would get out to the public and maybe someone here or there may make a phone call or write a letter. She indicated to him that she had done some leg work and had contacted the New England Organic Farmers' Association for their input. Sounded real positive to us.

Now for the reality of it all ~ The "news reporter" was merely setting up a fluff piece for this evenings broadcast. The entire piece lasted less than 1 1/2 minutes. The Bill number was never mentioned, the Bill title was never mentioned, and the reporter edited the interview in such a way that she kept interjecting her paraphrases & comments which watered down the information to make it all appear that Honey was trying to call out the fire department to put out a match. From the best we could tell, he was never shown finishing a complete sentence. We're not too surprised; but it does make me a little sad. For the most part, people simply don't care; and the ones who might ~ will probably never know.

So to take my mind off all the cares of this crazy world, I'm going to roll up my sleeves, reach down deep into a huge back of potting soil, and plant a little hope. In the seeds I use, God designed the DNA personally. With each seed, each plant, and each harvest ~ God reminds me that everything is going to happen according to His Master Plan with or without man's interference. But in the end there's a home in His Kingdom waiting for me and all those who have accepted Jesus as Savior & Lord.

Just like winter, these final days will pass soon and the beautiful new beginning is waiting around the corner just like spring.

May the Lord bless you.

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