The First Day of Spring

According to the calender, spring is finally here! According to Meja, spring isn't official until tomorrow. 19 years ago tomorrow, she was born on the first day of spring. Since then, someone switched the calendar. But, that doesn't matter to her ~ spring starts on March 21st.

Today, I stepped out onto the deck and took a couple of shots to let you see what March 20th looks like. One is out behind the cabin. It's a view of the 100 acre mountain before the trees fill out and everything grows up so much that you can't see past the first couple of trees. Do you see the bare spot?! Actual dirt! It seems a little silly I'm sure ~ but, by this time of the year, dirt is a beautiful thing!

The other shot is looking down on our front yard toward the driveway & road. It's still hard to imagine that soon there will be grass & flowers everywhere. That little apple tree will be covered with the most beautiful pink blossoms! Alot of my paintings have that little apple tree in them.

I'm excited! Plans for summer are being made and I'm ready to get started. My seeds should be in any day. (I've been reading where gardeners south of us have already got their gardens started and everything. I'm trying real hard not to have garden envy.) Starting seeds too early around here won't do any good. It doesn't do much good to put anything in the ground until Memorial Day unless you use greenhouses, cold frames, or tunnels. We're talking raised beds for some things; but if I can get things off to a good start indoors, the transplants usually take off pretty good when they're moved to the garden.

I've finally talked long enough that everyone is in agreement on chickens and hopefully rabbits. I'm a little nervous because of the local bear & coyotes. Fencing should keep the coyotes out of the hen house, but will the sound of chickens draw them to the yard? The bear is a whole other circumstance. Being right on the edge of the meadow and only a few yards away from the big guys known stomping ground, I'm really not sure what to expect come summer. But no matter what comes ~ I'm ready to get started.

Have a great night, and may the Lord bless you.

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